If you’re like most people around the country who have been home bound during this time of pandemic, you are seeking ‘at-home’ alternatives to the traditional big gym workouts. At-home workouts add a host of benefits, but also some roadblocks. 

Roadblocks to Working Out at Home

Let’s first discuss the most common roadblocks and how to get you in the proper frame of mind for success…

    • Limited Space: Not many of us have a separate room to make into a fitness center. However, it is entirely possible to create a workout space on your kitchen floor, in a corner of your bedroom or by moving the coffee table from the tv room. Make that small space your new sacred workout space.
    • Lack of Equipment: Exercise equipment can be expensive and quite difficult to acquire in this time of pandemic. Equipment such as Glide Disks, resistance bands, resistance tubing and your own body weight are great tools that won’t break the bank and add enough resistance to get a killer workout. 
    • Lack of Motivation: Oh, the age old dilemma of ‘at home workouts’! Just as we set an alarm to wake up in the morning, I strongly suggest you set an alarm for the exact time you are dedicating to working out that day. DON’T HIT SNOOZE!! Instead, click the alarm off and crank up some motivating tunes. I always encourage my clients to “just get started”! Simply start moving and success will follow. Since you’ll be exercising at home, you don’t even need to change your clothes, brush your teeth or brush your hair! JUST DO IT. Endorphins don’t lie. Once your body starts moving, endorphins will start kicking in. Let those endorphins drive your workout. 
    • Lack of Time: How many of you have it in your head that a real workout needs to be between 45 minutes to an hour to be effective? I am here to tell you that this is hogwash! 10 minutes is all you need to lay the foundation for a daily routine of fitness! Start small and build from there. Maybe you can get 3 sessions of 10 minutes throughout the day? Carving out 30 minutes can oftentimes seem daunting from a time constraint perspective but 10 minutes 3 times per day might be what you need to hit your movement goal. 

How to Work Out At Home

And now for the nuts and bolts of how to workout at home. In theory, a proper weekly workout program involves a combination of cardiovascular training, strength training and flexibility.

    • Decide How You Want to Structure YOUR Workouts: How do you want to structure YOUR workouts? One day, strength? One day, cardio? One day, flexibility? Combination of all three for every workout?
    • Write Out Your Plan: Grab a pad of paper and write out your plan like you would a to-do list and determine the exact time you will be exercising. Maybe it’s while your coffee is brewing, maybe it’s while your kids are still snoozing, maybe it’s during a bone dry conference call that could have been an email.   Here’s a quick sample. Monday: 10 minutes cardio.   Tuesday: 10 minutes strength.  Wednesday: 10 minutes flexibility.  Thursday: Full Body.  Friday: Full Body. Saturday: Full Body.  Sunday: REST! This is YOUR plan so write it out and stick to it! Check it off after completion and applaud yourself for committing.
    • Gather Your Equipment: The internet and the MIB website provides unlimited access to exercises that you can do with whatever tools you have available. If you have a small budget and want to purchase a few tools, do it!  Above, I suggested Glide disks, resistance tubing, jump ropes or ankle bands as inexpensive ideas. MIB offers follow along workouts that range in time from 15 minutes up to 60 minutes or we offer actual month long workouts to keep you on track. 
    • Dedicate Your Space: Put your exercise tools in a space that you can see in the corner of the room you are choosing as your workout domain. Put them in a basket or milk crate. Don’t make them difficult to access or it could set you back in your progress. 
    • Set and Alarm and Set a Timer: Set that alarm to indicate that it’s GO TIME. Set a timer to time your progress.   
    • Grab a Workout Buddy if You Need It: Even the most seasoned athletes need help from a buddy every now and then to keep exercise fun and refreshing. Gather in a park, meet in your yard but please get your workout in, even if your buddy cancels at the last minute! Exchange ideas, crank some tunes and have fun!


Sample Full Body Workout! 45 seconds on 15 seconds recovery

    • Body Weight Squats
    • Chataranga Push Ups
    • Glide Disk Side Lunges
    • Bicycle Crunches with or without resistance bands
    • Alternating Leg Hamstring Toe Touches
    • Squat Jacks with our without resistance bands
    • Straight Arm Plank with Alternating Glute Leg Lifts
    • High Knees or Run in Place
    • Triceps Dips on the ground or on the edge of fireplace
    • Downdog                            


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