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The IGNITOR focuses on high-intensity, low-impact, cross-body patterns that not only quickly raise your heart rate to give you a good calorie burn, but ALSO improve your brain function!

Our sweat-inducing THE IGNITOR is a one-of-a-kind system! And what makes it stand out is the unique dietary strategy included.

A fitness program is only going to work if you honor your diet. This game plan we designed equips you with a Fasting Guideline, Dietary Diversity Protocol and an amazing PDF cookbook to take the guesswork away for you.

All you need to do is show up and follow our lead!

Home Based Workout

You're a busy adult, probably with a family, significant other, and lots of other duties. You need to workout on your own schedule.

Fasting Guideline

This program is about melting down those stubborn pounds while maintaining muscle. Our fasting guideline helps you do that safely.

Dietary Diversity Protocol

Fasting is only part of the solution. Learning how to eat a diverse healthy diet goes hand in hand with your fasting and exercise. We've got you covered.


Do you run out of ideas for healthy dishes? Do you need to know how to combine foods to create delicious meals? Download our cookbook with your purchase of the THE IGNITOR